Welcome to my Honda Hawk NT 650 Site   

Many of years have passed and the above pictures are of my previous hawk.  When I first acquired it, the bike was in completely stock trim.  It was in rather poor condition so I did a few upgrades including full fairing, TBR left exit exaust, dual GSXR headlights, F2 front end, 900RR rear shock, K&N, stainless steel braided brake lines, etc ...


But alas I acquired another hawk and sold this one back to the previous owner which happens to be a friend of mine for $1000.00.

My new hawk was acquired from Paul Ryun.  When I received it from him, the fairing was in sad shape, tail section could use a better tail light, and headlights needed reworking.  But overall the bike ran well.  Of course I did some mod's to this already modified bike.


The total modifications of the bike are as follows:

86 GSXR dual headlights

91 GSXR Inverted 43mm forks mated with the stock GSXR front wheel and brake rotors.

98 6 pot ZX9R calipers stop the bike pretty damn fast /w SS brake lines and ZX9R masters

At the rear of the bike is a FOX twin clicker.  Suspension is now well sorted.

Rear wheel is from an RVF400 with RVF400 hub assembly, brake caliper and rotor

S.S. Brake lines routed through the swing arm

98 ZX9R rear brake lights

TBR left exit Oval can exhaust system

Jim Davis's Hawk Connection Subframe (as pictured in the hawkconnections website)

Custom Made Rear Sets brings the pegs up 1 1/2" and back 1 1/2 inch I think.

520 chain conversion

VFR pegs.

Sigma BC1200 cycling computer for speed checking.

In order to mount the headlights, special brackets were fabricated by me and holes were simply drilled through the fairing.  A little cheesy but works very well.

The fairing is an RVF 750 upper and lower from Airtech.  Painted by me using Dupont 99k black formula and mirrors are lockhart phillips.

Instrument cluster is mostly made from stock hawk parts.  This is the tach and dummy lights you see before you.

The bike weighs in a little under 350lbs with about half a tank of gas.  As I recall, the weight was almost perfectly distributed on both wheels with a difference of maybe 2lbs.

If you would like to see this bike before I made these mods, please go to jim davis's web site under subframes at http://www.hawkconnection.com.


If anybody is interested in helping out I am working on a digital instrument cluster.  It features an optrex DMF5005N EL backlight graphical LCD, an 8051 microcontroller with a built in RTC, and a bunch of sensors.  Initially this will be simply a tach, speedometer, clock.  It'll also replace all the dummy lights.  But I would like to give this unit the ability to acquire suspension information over time, engine temperature based on speed, etc.  There are a lot of stuff I could do I guess.



It must be noted that nothing in my garage goes unmodified.

This is a 1992 CBR 600 F2.

The most obvious mod would be the single sided swing arm from a honda hawk mounted on an F2.  This mod is not recommended as you loose the linkage.  But if you really really want to do the mod, all you need to do is mill down the spacer that cam with the F2 a couple mm.  Or I think you can retain a linkage system by using a VFR swing arm.  Another option would be to weld another brace to change the angle of the Fox.  Anyway, I did it because I'm light but when I carry a passenger, the suspension doesn't work too well.  I guess as long as I'm happy its ok.  Anyway mods included Single sided swing arm, Fox twin clicker, VFR 8 spoke wheel modified to fit a hawk hub assembly, Muzzy exhaust, 49 state cams and CDI, 1mm over Weisco pistons, 520 chain conversion, TBR pegs, fork brace, and Magura clipons, SS brake lines.  The bike is bloody fast!

While I'm at it, I may as well throw in a picture of my first  bike, a Suzuki GS450.  heres a picture of it:

I bought it for $700 I think and sold it for $800 with new chain and sprockets.  Cool huh.